“When you think packaging you think van der windt.”

“When you think packaging you think van der windt.”

BOGREEN B.V. is a modern nursery that develops high-quality fruit concepts. The company, formerly called Jac. Van der Hoeven tree nursery, underwent a dramatic metamorphosis in 2012 when Sjors Boers, the former Director’s son, took over the business. Not only did the company’s name change it also moved to its current location in Wateringen. When Boers sought suitable packaging solutions for his pioneering fruit concepts he approached Van der Windt.

“Why Van der Windt? In my opinion it’s the most well-known packaging wholesaler in the Westland region of the Netherlands,” says Boers: “When you think about packaging you immediately think about Van der Windt. And we hit it off right from the first contact. Van der Windt offers us everything we are looking for in packaging.”

Printed cups
Hans van der Knaap, Horti Sales representative at Van der Windt: “BO-GREEN was looking for a specific cup for a new retail concept – ‘SUPER FRUIT’. The standard cup was too small, so we started looking for the right size. We succeeded and we now supply a strawberry cup and a grape cup.”

Boers explains: “We grow our fruit varieties in other pots and transfer the plants to the cups just before they go to the retailer. The cups are printed. Our customers include hardware stores, supermarkets and garden centres. BO-GREEN created the design and then Van der Windt made a few adjustments so the files were ready for printing.”

beker superfruit_72dpi_2Working together on the right solution
“Van der Windt provided excellent guidance for the entire process. From finding the right size of cup to a beautiful end result. Getting the right size of cup took a bit of puzzling out. The cup had to fit in the existing barrels and boxes. Ultimately, working together, we succeeded in finding the right solution.”

Protective cardboard
“Currently we’re busy with the development of a new product for another fruit concept – ‘TASTE OF NATURE’. We supply small fruit trees in ceramic pots, for example for on a balcony or terrace. Preventing the ceramic pots from being damaged during storage and shipping is, naturally, important. The solution is a sort of protective cardboard insert. A special interior with separate compartments that fits on a Danish trolley shelf. I think the fact that I’m once again sitting round the table with Van der Windt says enough. I am very satisfied with the partnership.”