Trumpi Breda: Packaging with a story

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Trumpi Breda is more than just a petrol station. Its facilities include a carwash centre, a shop and a lunchroom. Paardekooper, in cooperation with theFOODSTORY, developed a totally new to-go packaging range for the lunchroom. From bread and snack bags to carrier bags and serviettes.

“For this co-creation we not only worked with Trumpi’s owners but also with theFOODSTORY,” tells Bart Bertens, Packaging Adviser at Paardekooper Breda. “theFOODSTORY helps entrepreneurs in the food sector achieve their growth ambitions. The company specialises in the development of progressive food concepts, from (re)branding to shop fitting. As Paardekooper we actually do the same, but with a more specific focus on packaging. When it came to the new packaging line for the Trumpi lunchroom, we were responsible for the packaging and theFOODSTORY for the artwork. The result: packaging with a story.”

Homemade specials

It was the story of the Homemade Specials. Kitty Trumpi explains: “Our products are fresh and made on the premises. We work with many natural products. This story had to be told in the new packaging line. Our Trumpi logo is red and grey. For petrol a good combination, but we wanted something different for the lunchroom. Eventually we opted for a combination of mainly brown with some black. The brown Kraft look gives exactly the authentic touch we were looking for.”

altAtM-LLVvh0HsMSAvG90a3hVaDj2OFKipCX4QsunSBSJeNew packaging supplier

“Until last year we worked with a permanent supplier for our bakery products,” continued Kitty Trumpi. “We also ordered our packaging via this supplier. But we wanted something different. Something more of our own. Eventually we found a new bakery product supplier. Then we also had to find a packaging supplier. We often went to the Paardekooper Store, for example for plates, cake boxes and gift-wrapping paper. In the end we put our question to Bart and, together with Krystel from theFOODSTORY, we set to work on a packaging line of our own. The result was the Homemade Specials packaging.”

Clever choices

“Bart gave us good advice regarding the choice of packaging. For example, in the past we’d had eight different sizes of bags. Bart reduced this to four. In hindsight, having a different bag for every specific product was absolutely unnecessary. Instead of one bag for one roll and a different bag for two rolls we now use the same bag for both. The optimum presentation of the products was, of course, taken into account. I’m not only very satisfied with the preparation process, but also with how things are going now. This way of working is new for us. Customised packaging means we suddenly have to deal with delivery times. Luckily Bart is there to keep us on our toes, so we are always on time with our orders. I am, therefore, full of praise about the cooperation.”