Trend and inspiration tour in Copenhagen: surpass in simplicity

Trend and inspiration tour in Copenhagen: surpass in simplicity

WrappIDup trend watchers Linda van den Heuvel and Jolanda Serraarens will take you on a trip to Denmark. They spent two days in Copenhagen (and walked 39.56 km) seeking out the latest, funniest, nicest and most surprising packaging.

From perfumeries and boutiques to snack bars and coffee corners, Copenhagen radiates Danish design: clean lines, neutral tints and natural materials. Simplistic, but with a high degree of functionality. “This is clearly reflected in the packaging design,” says Linda. “The designs are simple and incorporate a lot of white space. ‘Surpass in simplicity’ would seem to be the design credo here. What was also very noticeable was the Danish focus on quality. The papers and cardboards used were of an extremely high quality.”

The packaging as a component of the interior

“The use of a lot of white space creates tranquillity and a feeling of orderliness and spaciousness. This orderliness is also apparent in the way things are presented. In Denmark a great deal of attention is paid to presentation. As a result the products, both food and non-food, are displayed to their best advantage within the space. This means no crowded clothing rails and stuffed-full shelves. In many cases the packaging is also given its ‘own podium’. On the one hand, in various shops the packaging plays a role in the overall look of the interior. Imagine wall shelves on which boxes, stand-up bags or coffee beakers are carefully arranged to form a pattern. Repetition is also a characteristic of Scandinavian design. This too creates tranquillity.”

The packaging as an intrinsic component of the whole

“On the other hand the packaging is given its own podium in the shape of an extensive wrapping table, or to be more accurate, wrapping area,” adds Jolanda. “The wrapping table isn’t in a corner somewhere in the back and isn’t just a roll of wrapping paper, a pair of scissors and some tape. We see sheets of wrapping paper, gift boxes, ribbons, the list goes on. The packaging is clearly an intrinsic component of the whole and is on display. The same applies for the service table, for example in coffee bars. It’s very clear a lot of attention is paid to this area.”


“Scandinavian design is also often described as rather stubborn,” continues Linda. “Scandinavians like to do things their own way. This not only translates into a distinct look, but also into a creative way of wrapping. We saw the same packaging as in the Netherlands, but used for different products or applications than those for which they were originally intended. For example, slices of cake being served on wooden boats and caterers using kilo-containers to package filled rolls. We also discovered that ice-cream is extremely popular in Denmark. We saw a number of surprising ice-cream concepts and the most attractive ice-cream packaging. Wine and coffee are also doing well, while tea and (special) beer are clearly (at the moment) lagging behind. We have certainly arrived home full of ideas for materials, finishes, designs and innovative applications.”

Do you need inspiration?

Are you curious about what else caught the eye of Linda and Jolanda? They recorded everything they found on camera and have grouped their 2,017 photos in different streams and trends. From a trendy food packaging to a stylish gift packaging. WrappIDup offers a wide range of products and services that will inspire you, including an inspiration session or a made-to-measure mood board. Leave your details and we will contact you.

trend-en-inspiratietour-kopenhagen-kltrend en inspiratietour kopenhagen

trend en inspiratietour kopenhagentrend en inspiratietour kopenhagen

trend en inspiratietour kopenhagen