Succes tastes better

The history of Cupcakechic reads almost like a fairy tale. Two successful young men, Alex de Ruiter and Viran Tilakdharie, opted for a radical life-change. From Senior Consultant Customer Experience (Alex) and Corporate Recruitment Strategist (Viran) to artisan urban bakers. Their goal – to make the world a little nicer with the tastiest cupcakes, biscuits and tarts, baked fresh every day.
On 10 February 2010 the website went live. Just four days later Alex and Viran braved the icy cold to deliver hundreds of Valentine’s Day cupcakes all over the country. This success was just a first ‘taster’. In addition to the webshop Cupcakechic now has three shops in Den-Haag, Rotterdam and Schiphol (Airport) Plaza. And what must not be left out of this success story? “The packaging, because these days it’s essential”, says Alex. “And not just any old packaging, because our product has stringent demands.”

Cupcakechic_0072Cupcakechic has been a client of Paardekooper for a number of years. Alex: “In the past we worked with various suppliers, but often agreements regarding quality and delivery time were not met. We’d been going to the Paardekooper Store to pick up things we’d forgotten since 2011. We didn’t know that Paardekooper also supplied customised packaging. Eventually we came into contact with Arjen van den Bosch, Account Manager at Paardekooper. He managed the process very effectively. Everything was organised and we had to concern ourselves with almost nothing.”

Stringent demands

Alex and Viran specify stringent demands for the packaging. Their beautiful products must, after all, reach the customer in one piece. Optimum presentation and food safety are also important. Alex continues: “We were really looking for a unique packaging. In terms of both practicality and look. Arjen showed us a number of possibilities. From a first sketch to several prototypes. The final result is the proof. The packaging not only looks good, it is also extremely high quality. In addition, in the past we often had problems with folding the boxes that were supplied flat into shape. Now, just one simple hand movement and the boxes are ready to be filled. This saves a lot of time.”

Easy online ordering

“The simplicity of Paardekooper’s online ordering system also saves time,” adds Alex. “We have our own online ordering environment. Ordering extra boxes is very simple and, on top of that, we can see precisely how many of our boxes are still in stock. This is ideal because we don’t have a large storage area.”


“Putting together a new and innovative prototype is an enjoyable, but challenging and fiddly task”’ says Arjen van den Bosch. “It’s important that Cupcake Chic’s high-quality products are delivered to the end users undamaged. The small cupcakes must not, for example, shift around in the cake box. For the mini macaroons we had to find a solution that enabled them to be stacked without being damaged. Eventually we began supplying a range of customised packaging, including a packaging solution for the cupcakes, bags, bottoms sheets and a deluxe cake box. This too has made the men from Cupcakechic hungry for more. Currently we are working on a new design of tart box interior in which both the cupcakes and the mini macaroons are packed and are looking into the possibilities for printed coffee and smoothie cups.”

Plain versus printed

Alex concludes with a tip for other entrepreneurs: “You assume that printed bags will be more expensive than plain bags, but nothing is further from the truth. We now have bags printed with our own design and we’re better off. Which is why I advise everyone to forget plain bags and opt for a bag in your own style so your business stands out.”