We will teach you the art of packing & wrapping

Consumers want to be amazed by beautiful gift wrapping. inpakworkshop wrappidup
Follow one of our packing & wrapping workshops and you are guaranteed to amaze your customers with your gift wrapping skills. Efficient and beautiful packing & wrapping will become a pleasure. Our experienced specialists will demonstrate all manner of packing & wrapping techniques and surprising tips and tricks. If wished, to ensure clarity and uniformity within your company, the workshop will be based on your own packaging materials. By the end of the workshop your staff will have the skills they need to turn every product into a beautifully and originally packed & wrapped gift that reflects the image of your company. WrappIDup makes giving and receiving gifts even more enjoyable.

inpakworkshop wrappidupPractical information
The workshop programme will be totally tailored to your requirements and will take place in a location of your choice. On average a workshop lasts 2.5 hours. The minimum number of participants is 10. If wished WrappIDup will supply the packing/wrapping materials for the workshop.

Get more out of your packing & wrapping. Request a workshop right now.

– Date: in consultation
– Cost: from € 30 per person (excluding any venue costs and travel expenses)
– There is a price of 25 euros per person with instant notification of at least five people

– Minimum number of participants: 10