The basis for a creative packaging design
Are you looking for a trendy packaging for a specific product? Or are you ready to update your current packaging range in-line with current trends? During a trend session we show you the very latest packaging trends. Not only from within the market in which you are active, but also from elsewhere. Being unrestricted by boundaries results in the latest insights. We would be delighted to take on this challenge with you. Let yourself be inspired by trends in fields such as fashion, food, art and architecture as a basis for a creative packaging design.

What happens during a trend session?
The trend session is totally tailored to your needs and is prepared and run by one of our experienced packaging market specialists. For example, if you are looking for a packaging solution for your food product our WrappIDup food specialist will set to work for you. We show you a number of different trendy packaging ideas tuned to your specific request or problem and the market in which you are active. You receive one worked-up idea per sheet. The trend session takes place either in one of our showrooms or at a location of your choice. The length of a session varies depending on the number of sheets and the core problem, but on average a trend session takes two hours. A number of people from your company can participate.

I am interested in a trend session.

Product details:
Size: 10-70 sheets of packaging ideas, 1 sheet per idea.
Delivery time (indicative): 2-4 weeks.
Price: € 250 to € 1,000.

N.B.  These figures vary depending on the complexity of the task.