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The WrappIDup wrapping manual is a handy aid for your staff: A made-to-measure brochure in which different wrapping techniques are explained step by step, if wished with illustrations. The manual can be compiled on the basis of your own gift-wrapping paper and materials and in accordance with your own house-style. (We can work with your own DTP people or advertising bureau to ensure this.)

The wrapping manual explains every detail very clearly and is a practical tool for your staff. You will benefit from the most beautifully wrapped gifts and a uniform wrapping technique. The wrapping manual can also be combined with a packing & wrapping workshop.

Create an ultimate unwrapping experience for your customers with our detailed wrapping manuals.

beeldmanualHow does it work?

If you want to stand out through your packaging WrappIDup is THE answer. Tell us your idea, or ask us questions, via the request form. All the experts within ideas factory will then go full speed ahead to arrive at a successful end product.

This end product will then be presented to you. It promises to be an exciting unwrapping session. May we amaze you?




insidemanualExplanatory video + text

Step inside the world of WrappIDup, our ideas factory. The factory full of creative client-specific and inspiring packaging ideas. All you have to do is explain your packaging needs to us via the request form.

All the experts within WrappIDup, including buyers, designers and marketers, will join forces and use their knowledge of materials, techniques, colours and packaging shapes to come up with the ideal packaging solution for you. We have a nose for the best packaging solutions and ideas. We develop these solutions and ideas into the WrappIDup product of your choice, such as an inspiration session, a packing & wrapping workshop or a 3D Visual. We then present the WrappIDup end product to you. It promises to be an exciting unwrapping session.