Paardekooper steps into the World of Food

Paardekooper steps into the World of Food

Packaging specialist supplies food packaging to trend-setting food service entrepreneurs

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World of Food is Amsterdam’s new, spectacular, food service meeting point: A unique cooperative food concept which brings all the tastes of the world together. Around 25 entrepreneurs serve their guests the most delicious dishes, from Antillean to Thai. Paardekooper has entered into a special cooperation with many of these entrepreneurs.

JoanIt was Joan Simpson, owner of Surinam Pastry, who took the initiative for the cooperation between the World of Food entrepreneurs and Paardekooper. She had already been a satisfied Paardekooper customer for years. Joan: “I started baking at home for friends and family and also organised the catering for various gatherings and sold my delicacies during events. I had always bought my packaging from the Paardekooper Store in Amsterdam, but when I started Surinam Pastry, in the Food Court it suddenly meant I needed serous quantities.”
The ambitious and enterprising Joan talked to the packaging supplier to explore the possibilities of an intense cooperation: A cooperation that had to result in an advantage for both parties. She met with Nico Alserda, Regional Manager at Paardekooper. Nico: “Joan and I worked out a plan together. A number of entrepreneurs already bought various articles from us, but it is, of course, always good to turn a sporadic shopper into a regular customer. In the end I visited all the entrepreneurs personally and naturally I did not go empty handed. Everyone received a ‘goodie bag’ containing, among other things, a discount voucher. Over 50% of the World of Food entrepreneurs are now Paardekooper clients. We are, of course, delighted.”

An extensive range of food packaging

Joan’s speciality is Surinamese cakes, but to continue the World of Food theme she also sells cakes from other countries. Her purchases from Paardekooper include the cake boxes and cake boards to present her cakes. “As I also sell home-made Surinamese drinks I also buy the bottles \I need from Paardekooper,” continues Joan. “At Paardekooper you can find all the packaging and disposables you need in the kitchen,” adds Yvette Dorsiel. Yvette is a familiar face in South-east Amsterdam. She’s been working in the catering sector since 1990 and regularly uses her cookery skills to benefit charities, such as the Kookprojecten Buurthuizen (Community Centre Cookery Project) South-east Amsterdam. Thanks to the World of Food she has been able to fulfil her lifelong dream of running her own business. Yvette’s Kitchen specialises in Caribbean cooking. The menu includes exotic dishes such as Johnny cake, Kabritoe, Toetoe baijou and Moro (rice with brown beans). Yvette: “In the past I bought catering articles from Paardekooper, but now I also buy my packaging, such as bags, serviettes, two and three compartment foam plates and bottles, from the Company. All the products I need for my work.”
The same applies for John Zeefal who, under the name ‘John Juniors BBQ’, makes the most delicious barbecue dishes. “The two compartment containers are very handy for me because I often sell fries with the barbecue dishes. I also use various disposables.”


The Paardekooper Store as added-value

Brenda Ete also buys her packaging from Paardekooper. After winning, together with her mother, a number of prizes as an amateur cook Brenda decided it was time to start her own business. “Ararat Cuisine serves Armenian specialities,” explains Brenda. “It was exciting because you don’t come across many Armenian restaurants. Would it appeal to people of scare them off? Luckily what you don’t know you don’t fear and the dishes have proven popular. It’s going very well.”
Brenda is very satisfied with the cooperation with Paardekooper. “Paardekooper supplies beautiful products including bags, serviettes, containers and cutlery. But do you know what I like most of all? It’s the atmosphere in the portretPaardekooper Store. The shop is always extremely well organised so it’s very easy to find what you need. Running a food service business is very enjoyable, but it keeps you busy. You only have one day ‘off’ a week in which to do all your purchasing. So it’s great that you can be in and out again with everything you need in no time at all. For me that’s a fantastic added-value.”
Humphrey Graves joins in. He and Eric Seedorf own Supu. “We keep it simple and top-quality. Simple in the sense of a having a low-threshold and being accessible and top-quality when it comes to our soups. Our visitors feel welcome and are treated to culinary masterpieces from various cuisines. I have the same experience at Paardekooper. I can find my way round the Store very easily, the products are top-quality and the range of products is wide and dovetails perfectly with our kitchen. We generally use foam cups for our soups. They are sturdy, microwave-safe and convenient to take away. In a nutshell – ideal for our product.”

Optimum presentation

This makes Paardekooper the ideal cooperation partner for Humphrey, but there’s more. Humphrey: “I’m a creative person and at Paardekooper I can really find inspiration. All those lovely bags and containers challenge me to create a beautiful presentation.” Nadine, the owner of Stick-up Indoofood, also sets great store by a good presentation. “We serve and cater typical Indonesian dishes, such as Saté and Rendang. Paardekooper’s bamboo boats fit perfectly with our culture and, therefore, our products.”
In addition to packaging and disposables Paardekooper also supplies various hygiene and cleaning products. Joan: “Recently Paardekooper introduced a new range: Qleaniq. Extremely convenient, because now I don’t have to go to a different shop for these products. I am very happy with the cooperation with Paardekooper. There’s a good reason why I’ve been a client for so long.”



Printed packaging

The food-service entrepreneurs buy standard products from Paardekooper. The generally neutral colours fit in with every food-service concept. Some entrepreneurs are, however, inspired by the possibilities of packaging printed with their own name or design – one of Paardekooper’s specialities. In the Paardekooper Stores clients can very easily order packaging printed with their own names. Paardekooper is also the right place to go if they want to have their own, unique, packaging produced. Under the name WrappIDup the Company designs and develops client-specific packaging solutions that contribute towards market positioning and experience.
“Packaging in your own house-style is, of course, very refined,” says Yvette. “We’ve only just started with the World of Food concept, so we have to wait and see how it goes.” Nico has also noticed that there’s a lot of interest in printed packaging among the entrepreneurs. “At this moment we’re looking at the possibilities for printed soup cups with one of the entrepreneurs. We’re very proud of the cooperation with the World of Food entrepreneurs. It is, naturally, fantastic that via the products we sell we can add a little to the experience of this marvellous food concept.”

About Paardekooper

Paardekooper (part of the PACOMBI GROUP) has been active in the international packaging market since 1919. The Company offers a total range of packaging, disposables and consumables for both food and non-food applications as well as industrial articles.