Getting down to work

Do you want to stand out through your packaging? Step inside the world of WrappIDup, our ideas factory. THE factory full of creative customisation and inspiring packaging ideas. Explain your packaging needs to us via the request form below and we will get to work on your behalf.

Shared knowledge

All the experts within WrappIDup, including buyers, designers and marketers, will join forces and use their knowledge of materials, techniques, colours and packaging shapes to come up with the ideal packaging solution for you. What are the current trends? What effect will material X have on the look and technical possibilities of the packaging? How can we produce the packaging as efficiently as possible in terms of cost and environmental-impact? No stone goes unturned during our quest to find your ultimate packaging solution.

The quest

And this quest can take us on a long, long journey. We are addicted to packaging. Wherever we go – even during our holidays – not a single packaging escapes our attention. We have a nose for sniffing out the best packaging solutions and ideas. We arrive back at the factory with a suitcase full of inspiration. Then the factory goes full steam ahead to produce a unique packaging.

The detail

We work out the details of your request in the form of one of our WrappIDup products or services, such as an inspiration session, packaging workshop or 3D visual.

The unwrapping session

The WrappIDup end product is then presented to you during an exciting unwrapping session.



Are you curious about what the creative possibilities of WrappIDup could do for your company? Leave us your details and one of our packaging experts will be in touch with you very shortly.

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