Growing together


Three years ago Mariëlle van Werven opened a lingerie and swimwear webshop called Annadiva. Initially she worked from home, but when the Paardekooper delivery trucks began driving into the residential area she decided the time had come to find larger premises. She opened a new head office in Rosmalen and now Annadiva also has a physical shop in Nijmegen. Van Werven talks about the cooperation with Paardekooper, which has grown from the supply of a few standard boxes to a customised packaging range.

“I arrived at the Paardekooper Store in Breda via via,” tells Van Werven. “I’d heard that Paardekooper was the most inexpensive supplier when it came to smaller quantities. I bought a few boxes each time I visited the Store. My webshop was doing so well that the quantity increased rapidly. I was curious about the other possibilities Paardekooper had to offer and came into contact with Roy van der Hoeven. He told me about the possibilities of personalised packaging.

Printing your name on it doesn’t by definition make it more expensive

Van der Hoeven explains: “When people hear personalised packaging they immediately think expensive. That’s not always the case. In fact; when large numbers are involved opting for personalised packaging can actually be financially attractive. A clear win-win situation: the client profits from lower costs and an eye-catching, made-to-measure packaging.

DSCF1513Custom made mailing packaging

“The range we purchase from Paardekooper now includes custom made mailing packaging,” continued Van Werven. “It’s very noticeable that Paardekooper has considerable experience in this field. They actively thought along with us about specific solutions for our products. It’s important that the mailing boxes are suitable for different sizes of bra and don’t press the cups out of shape or damage them. Eventually we had a totally new box designed. The boxes are printed in our house-style and also have a printed lace border that naturally fits perfectly with the products we sell. Paardekooper took care of both the design and the printing. It’s great having a partner that organises the total picture.

Growing together

“We’ve now added luxury carrier bags for the shop to our range. We also purchase tissue paper and attractive stickers for the mailing boxes. I’ve now been working with Paardekooper for three years and I expect our business will continue to grow in the future. Perhaps I’ll want to add a beautiful gift box for in the shop. As we grow so will Paardekooper.”