Gall & Gall opts for rugged, authentic gift packaging

Gall & Gall opts for rugged, authentic gift packaging

FullSizeRender1Gall & Gall has trusted Paardekooper to supply its packaging for many years. At the beginning of 2015 the wine and liquor retailer opted for a new logo that makes reference to its roots: Gall & Gall since 1884. This new, powerful positioning revolves around the story behind the wine and liquor specialist and the products. We were challenged to pass this vision on via the packaging, and we succeeded.

To reference Gall & Gall’s history the authentic and rugged look of sawn planks was chosen. We have now supplied a range of gift packagings including several sizes of bottle boxes with various printed designs, wrapping paper, labels and ribbon.

Packaging film

Gall & Gall’s shops offer more than 1200 gifts. The wine and liquor specialist sets great store by attractive gift packaging and, for that reason, asked us to produce an inspiring gift wrapping instruction film. Jolanda Serraarens is Paardekooper’s gift wrapping specialist. Jolanda: “For many years we have been supporting clients with wrapping workshops and practical wrapping manuals. We teach staff all kinds of wrapping techniques and surprising tips and tricks. This enables them to do full justice to the packaging materials.”


“The instruction film is a new development that fits in with the current time and with Gall & Gall,” according to Jolanda. “Several months ago the wine and liquor specialist started communicating via narrowcasting in its shops. Part of the instruction film can also be seen so it’s not just the employees that can be inspired – customers can also see the amazing possibilities of gift wrapping.”

Are you looking for an amazing packaging line as part of a (re) branding and/or shop experience? Or would you like your own wrapping film? If so contact us.