De man met stijl (the man with style): unwrapping is even nicer, thanks to paardekooper

werkelijk beeld

De Man Met Stijl is the online special shop for men who want to take care of their appearance and look their best. The offering ranges from clothing, shoes and accessories to personal care products and wine. De Man Met Stijl also offers great gift boxes for which owner Joy Alleblas sought a differentiating packaging. He found what he was looking for at Paardekooper.

Alleblas explains: “I sell stylish products for men. And, naturally, stylish products should have stylish packaging. In addition to men being able to put a complete outfit together via the website, I also offer gift boxes. They make ideal presents for birthdays, Father’s day and other occasions. Numerous combinations are possible, all full of delightful accessories and knick knacks for the modern man. For example, a bottle of wine or special beer combined with a men’s’ magazine. The question was how I could best package and mail these products.”

Happy customers

“The answer to this question was found very quickly,” tells Jolanda Serraarens, Marketer at Paardekooper. “At Paardekooper we have a wide range of gift packaging. We looked for a packaging solution that fulfilled the client’s style and possibilities wishes. And very soon homed-in on a wine box. We have several deluxe models in our range. But with only a wine box we still had a way to go. At Paardekooper we set great store by beautifully wrapped gifts. The more unwrapping moments you have, the happier the receiver. The wine box is closed with a personal label from De Man Met Stijl and a decorative ribbon is added. In this way we create a maximum unwrapping experience for the receiver. An eye-catching packaging is one thing, but beautiful packing and wrapping is often still an art in itself. This is why we also give so-called packing & wrapping workshops, so that the packaging is used to its best advantage.”

werkelijk beeld2Stylishly packaged 

“Unwrapping is even nicer with Paardekooper,” continued Alleblas. “For the gift boxes I use the 1, 2 and 3 compartment wine bottle boxes – depending on what has to go in the box – in the neutral colours dark blue and cognac. The compartments are filled with deluxe SizzlePak. This not only looks chic, the SizzlePak also protects the products during mailing. The stylish packaging is already a gift in its own right. I can definitely send the boxes to my customers. Not only my products but also the packaging epitomises men with style.”

Father’s Day edition

“Paardekooper heeft zich in dit traject echt bewezen als meedenkend partner,” aldus Joy. “Ze initiëren zelf leuke ideeën. Zo hebben we uiteindelijk ook samengewerkt aan een speciale Vaderdag editie. Een net iets andere kleur doos met een speciaal Vaderdagetiket. En ook in de toekomst kan ik rekenen op de service van Paardekooper. De Man Met Stijl richt zich nu nog voornamelijk op B2C, maar ik denk eraan om in de toekomst de cadeaupakketten aan te bieden aan de zakelijk markt. Ik stel de pakketten samen en Paardekooper voorziet in een passende verpakkingsoplossing. Bijvoorbeeld door het toevoegen van een ander etiket, met daarop de naam van het bedrijf of een leuke sleeve met een persoonlijke boodschap. De samenwerking werkt hier duidelijk twee kanten op.”