De Biltstraat enterpreneurs association: standing out during the tour de france


Last year Paardekooper began cooperating with the Winkeliersvereniging Zadelstraat (Zadelstraat retailers’ Association) in Utrecht. Since the beginning of this year we have added another shopping street in Utrecht to our list of clients – the Biltstraat. The Biltstraat Entrepreneurs’ Association (De Biltstraat Ondernemersvereniging – BOV) deemed the Tour de France starting in Utrecht a good opportunity to put the Biltstraat on the map. “The packaging is a good promotion tool for this,” according to Robin Lont, member of the BOV Board.

Various entrepreneurs in the Biltstraat purchase their packaging from Paardekooper. When the idea to work together to promote the Biltstraat during the Tour de France was born, it was quickly decided to use a packaging as a promotion tool. Lont explains: “Last year we, as an entrepreneurs’ association, started a campaign with the motto ‘Stap eens af op de Biltstraat’ (Step off in the Biltstraat). This has a double message. People can literally step off the bus or tram in the Biltstraat to go shopping or have something to eat or drink. In addition, every day many cyclists ride along the street. We invite them to step off their bike, for example to come and have a drink. With the Tour de France starting in Utrecht in 2015 our motto became even more apt. Our reaction was eye-catching packaging as a promotion tool.”

Paardekooper Biltstraat_0077Special Tour packaging

As the Regional Manager of the Paardekooper Stores Nieuwegein, Johan van Straten is closely involved with the Biltstraat entrepreneurs: “A number of enterprises in the Biltstraat have been buying their packaging from us for years. So the idea of the collective Tour de France packaging was born. The idea was for paper bags and sheets printed with a special Tour design – white with red polka-dots (the well-known polka-dot jumper) and yellow (the yellow jumper) overprinted with the Biltstraat’s motto on the front, and the participating companies on the back.”

Knowing what was needed

“Because Johan supplies packaging to a number of businesses in the street he knows exactly what people need,” continued Lont. “Based on this knowledge he found suitable paper bags we could all use for our own products. In addition to the bags Paardekooper also supplied printed paper sheets. These are used in, for example, Bert’s Bierhuis (Beer House) and Wijnhandel Peters (Wine shop) for wrapping the beer and wine bottles. Other participants are Gerrit Takke (organic butcher), Visgilde (fish shop), Estafette (organic food) and De keuken van Thijs (sandwich shop).”

Paardekooper Biltstraat_0001-2

Lont is very happy with the end result: “It really is great that a number of entrepreneurs in the street present their products in the same packaging. We’re getting a lot of positive reactions from customers. By using the same, eye-catching packaging we are creating unity in the street and that stands out. Nobody now simply cycles past us without noticing.”