Co-creation Whyn: ‘The wine is like the vine’

Co-creation Whyn: ‘The wine is like the vine’

Many cultures have a saying that expresses the idea that like seeks like. In the Netherlands it’s ‘The wine is like the vine’. In any language this saying could not be more apt for the way the Whyn and Paardekooper cooperation began. Because one thing is certain: the two companies are like-minded. Whereas wine specialist Whyn focuses on high-quality wine brands, Paardekooper focuses on high-quality packaging solutions. According to Jeroen de Groot, Shop Manager at Whyn: ‘This match resulted in a smoothly-flowing cooperation and a range of packaging that reflects exactly what our company stands for’.

‘We started working on turning the ‘Whyn’ concept into a concrete fact around eighteen months ago’, explains Jeroen. ‘A new concept obviously demands a new packaging range. We invited several packaging companies, including Paardekooper, to come up with ideas. Paardekooper was well-known in the wine and liquor channel. The Company supplies various wholesalers and wine shops. And can now add another reference to the list. After seeing various model packagings we were immediately sold. One of the examples hit exactly the right note – a precise translation of our vision into a luxurious packaging design that dovetails perfectly with our contemporary formula.’

Less is more

Whyn was created by a cooperation between Verbunt Wijnkopers and drinks professional Albert Schuermans. The Whyn formula is focused primarily on the middle and top segments and is a new, progressive, concept within the wine and liquor channel. The shop typifies itself as a ‘specialist wine shop 2.0’ and is hallmarked by a clean, simple and well-ordered look.

Jeroen: ‘Less is more is our credo within Whyn and this also applies for our packaging. The simIMG_8472-kleinple, neutral, design of the packaging is the perfect backdrop for our logo via which we want to create consumer loyalty. Paardekooper understood this very well.’

A range of wine shop packaging

Rosalie Gijsberts, as Account Manager at Paardekooper, was one of the people responsible for the development of the new range of packaging. Rosalie: ‘Whyn’s logo is very inspiring and this is what we built on. Together with Marketing we worked up three options and Whyn was, in fact, happy immediately. We worked out one of the designs in more detail and now we are supplying a range of packaging, including carrier bags, a deluxe wine bottle bag, a two bottle box, ribbon and printed labels.’
‘We use the labels in various ways, including as wine bottle labels,’ adds Jeroen. ‘We set great store by recognition and in this way the source of the bottle can always be traced back.’

A thirst for more
The first Whyn shop is in Tilburg and, if it’s up to Jeroen, it will soon be joined by others. ‘If Whyn is a success there will soon be more Whyn-shops in other places. One thing is sure: Paardekooper will be with us, because I am full of praise for the company. A completely new range of packaging without any problems, that’s why Paardekooper really is the right place to go.’