Co-creation Everything Sweet: ‘A bespoke bonbon box that needs no embellishment’

Co-creation Everything Sweet: ‘A bespoke bonbon box that needs no embellishment’

Wendy Hofman, owner of Everything Sweet, was looking for a beautiful and practical gift box for the most delicious sweets and chocolates. Since the opening of Everything Sweet on 1 April 2013 she had regularly purchased standard packaging from the Paardekooper Store in Breda. Inspired by the possibilities of printed packaging she now has her own range of bonbon boxes.

‘Wendy is a creative, enterprising lady,’ says Bart Bertens, packaging advisor at the Paardekooper Store Breda. ‘She takes the simplest packagings and transforms them into the most beautiful gifts. But that takes time and that is something she doesn’t always have, especially in busy periods. That’s why Wendy opted for deluxe bonbon boxes in her own style.’

Fast packaging
‘The boxes don’t need any further embellishment,’ explains Wendy. ‘Customers set great store by a beautifully wrapped gift. I used to use standard bonbon boxes and then ‘dress them up’ with ribbons, bows and a label. The new bonbon boxes are eye-catchers in their own right. Customers really appreciate the stylish look and it takes me no time at all to package their selection. So it’s a win-win situation. Especially during the festive season when the shop is very busy. That’s when a ready to go gift box is a fantastic solution.’co-creatie-everything-sweet-1

‘The bonbon boxes also contribute towards brand awareness of my company,’ continues Wendy. ‘As far as the look is concerned the boxes fit in perfectly with the Everything Sweet style. Paardekooper’s guidance throughout the entire production was excellent. The cooperation was very pleasurable and I am delighted with the end product. And, also important, my customers are very happy as well. I’ve received lots of good responses.’ Bart adds: ‘We sat round the table with the supplier to discuss what was possible. In the end we ‘customised’ a standard box. We supply Wendy with three sizes of bonbon box – for 200, 375 and 500 grams – all with a handy closing flap.’

In addition to sweets and chocolates Everything Sweet also sells nuts, wine, coffee, tea and business gifts. ‘In the Paardekooper Store I can really go to town,’ says Wendy with a laugh. ‘All those lovely bags, baskets, ribbons and bows with which I can create the most beautiful gifts. For me the brown Kraft paper bags are ideal. I can do anything I want with them. I also purchase practical items, such as sticky tape and filling material, from Paardekooper. And who knows what the future will bring. With Paardekooper giving and receiving gifts is even nicer.’