Co-creation Bakery Pol van den Bogaert: The story of the jolly baker

Co-creation Bakery Pol van den Bogaert: The story of the jolly baker

Bakkerij Pol van den Bogaert has been renowned in Breda and the surrounding area since 1911. Today the fourth generation is at the helm. Under the leadership of Paul and Talita van den Bogaert the bakery recently underwent a successful metamorphosis. And, naturally, this went hand in hand logowith a new range of packaging because, as Paul himself says: “Packaging plays a part in creating the ambience of a baker’s shop.”

On 1 November 2015 Van den Bogaert ended its membership of Het Echte Bakkersgilde (The Guild of Real Bakers). “We really wanted to show our own face,” explains Paul. “As a member of the Guild that was impossible because you have to follow the Guild’s house-style. In principle the Guild uses black packaging for cakes. Attractive, but we wanted our image to be that of a jolly artisan baker. Then you think bright colours rather than black.” Having decided to resign from the Guild, Paul and Talita had to look for a packaging supplier.

That clicked

During Bakkersvak 2015 (Bakery Trade Fair) Paul and Talita were amazed by Paardekooper’s offering. Paul: “It often takes just one look to see whether or not something is right for you. As soon as we saw Paardekooper’s stand we were enthuNr163157siastic. The style of the packaging appealed to us and one thing led to another.” Bart Bertens, Packaging Advisor at the Paardekooper Store in Breda continues the story: “The first discussions took place in March. Everything had to be ready in just under eight months because that was when the revamped shop was going to be opened. It was hard work, but we met the deadline.”


“The design for the new packing was created by Paul’s sister,” continues Bart. “She owns Jacobs Vormgeving and made an excellent job of translating Paul and Talita’s wishes into an attractive design. We used the design on 24 different packagings, including bags for French sticks and other loaves, carrier bags, various sizes of cake box aNr163147nd labels. We also supply a number of neutral packaging items.”

The jolly artisan baker

Paul: “The basis for the new packaging range is four pastel colours. The packaging tells the story of the jolly artisan baker. Colours make you cheerful and the soft pastel tins create a warm total picture. You also create a certain ambience with the packaging; we’ve noticed that through our customers’ enthusiastic reactions. Everyone involved worked hard to achieve this result. Meeting the deadline was, naturally, super. In hindsight it was a pretty intensive project and Paardekooper’s guidance was excellent from beginning to end.”