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Packaging ideas become packaging reality with WrappIDup. We translate every idea, whether global or concrete, into a new packaging product. Which is why WrappIDup is also known as our ‘ideas factory’. We produce an up-to-the-minute look on packaging and deliver creative tailor-made solutions. In doing this we focus on three cornerstones: inspire, design and package. Within these cornerstones we distinguish various products and services that contribute towards the positioning of your company and/or brand via the packaging.


Inspiration as the basis for amazing packaging ideas.

Good ideas do not come out of nothing. We achieve new insights through and are inspired by everything we see and experience around us – colours, shapes, materials, images and typography. We combine these existing components into something new. WrappIDup offers various tools to stimulate this creative process. From an inspiration and trend session to a personal mood board.

Take a look at our many inspiration possibilities:

Inspiration session

Trend session

Mood board

Book report


Realistic visuals as the basis for a well-thought-out packaging design.

What will your alternative and/or future packaging (lines) look like? Our unique WrappIDup visuals turn packaging ideas into packaging products. From a 3D visual to a mock-up: we offer different ways to see what the end product will look like. Our realistic visuals help with fine-tuning the packaging design and making the right choices. Are the colours that have been chosen right? Does the material give the effect you had in mind? What does the packaging feel like to hold? You can be certain the end result will be excellent.


What visualisation will you choose?

2D visual

3D visual


3D Print

Gift packaging

Packaging gifts efficiently and beautifully becomes a piece of cake.

Consumers want to be amazed by beautiful gift wrapping. This is why it is very important that shop assistants are skilled at using gift packaging correctly. We teach your staff the tricks of the trade. Packaging gifts efficiently and beautifully becomes a piece of cake. From a single packaging & wrapping workshop to a practical packaging & wrapping manual. Our packaging specialists will teach your staff fast, simple and eye-catching packaging & wrapping techniques. Efficiency, creativity and consistency are the key components. THE important characteristics of a strong brand that also apply for your packaging range. Amaze your customers not only with the contents but also with a distinctive packaging.

Packaging workshop

Packaging manual



Are you curious about what the creative possibilities of WrappIDup could do for your company? Leave us your details and one of our packaging experts will be in touch with you very shortly.

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