“A shoe box that’s probably a better seller than our shoes”

UsFeraggio is a new name in the shoe world. This brand for exclusive ladies pumps is the idea of Juliette de Vries and Patricia Lubbersen. Paardekooper developed a very special shoe box for Feraggio as part of a complete shoe storage system. “I think that eventually we will sell more shoe boxes than shoes,” laughs De Vries.

Last month Feraggio was officially launched in the Netherlands and Belgium. France and the rest of Europe followed soon after and in autumn 2015 the department store in the USA opened. According to De Vries the best ideas are often born of frustration: “Look at AirBNB and Uber. We had trouble finding attractive, elegant shoes. On top of that, colours are often trend-sensitive. So when your favourite shoes wear out you can never replace them with the same model because the designer has already launched another new collection and you can never get exactly the same colour you were so attached to. And… why are there no high heels you can just wear and walk on the whole evening? That’s why we spent two years working intensively on the development of the ideal elegant high heel with the help of technical shoe experts and experienced designers. The result was Feraggio. Available in two heel heights – 10 cm and 7.5 cm. We started with 16 colours and every season we add four new colours. Over three years that means seven different taupes and ten different greens. All the colours are always available from stock.”

Schagen adds: “We did a lot of research before we decided on the definitive model. Often it was a case of a millimetre here and a millimetre there and sometimes even a half millimetre. The model reflects some of our own taste – for the time being the shoes are only available in suede.”

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black box systemOn top of the shoe frustration there was also a shoe box frustration. De Vries explains: “Many women keep their shoes in the boxes, which are in all sizes and colours. They don’t only look untidy they are also impractical. Pull a box out of the middle and generally the entire stack falls over. We thought there had to be a better way. A clearly organised and uniform drawer system. But although many packaging materials manufacturers say they deliver made-to-measure products, as soon as we said what we wanted, we kept being told that our idea for a shoe box wasn’t possible. Then via via we heard about Paardekooper and came into contact with Yuri Huisman. That absolutely everything is possible at Paardekooper proved to be the case. They delivered exactly the shoe box we had in mind.”

“To be honest you can’t really call it a shoe box any more,” adds Huisman.

“It’s actually become more of a luxury gift box that creates an unwrapping experience, just like the first time you unpack your new iPhone. Thanks to the deluxe design that pays attention to the smallest detail, in my opinion we have definitely succeeded. The sturdy construction means the boxes are stackable and, when you open the ‘drawer‘ and take out the shoes the stack remains stable. Although this does mean the boxes cannot be delivered as a flat-pack, the ladies from Feraggio did not consider this to be a problem. They were absolutely sure they wanted the perfect box for their perfect shoes. As well as the shoe box we also supply an extra slipcover that prevents the stacked boxes shifting.”

black boxShoe storage systeem

De Vries adds: “On one side of the box there is a holder containing a photograph of the purchased shoes. The shoe boxes can also be ordered separately and are large enough to hold men’s’ shoes. A tool on our website enables you to upload a photograph of your (existing) shoes that fits precisely in the holder. The result is a shoe (storage) system.”