A creative partner

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In 1988 Donuts+Bagels opened its webshop selling tasty American treats, including doughnuts, bagels, muffins and brownies, and immediately captured the market in Rotterdam. In 2005 the company opened its first physical retail outlet in the Beurs metro station. More outlets are being planned. Paardekooper Barendrecht supplies Donuts+Bagels with a range of customised packaging varying from serviettes to boxes.

“Donuts+Bagels came to our Paardekooper Store in Barendrecht via the head office,” says Boris Dirks, Store Manager Barendrecht. “The client was looking for a local supplier for various packaging articles printed with their company name. We started with two doughnut boxes, one for six doughnuts and one for 12, and serviettes. Now we supply not only the boxes and serviettes, but also various bags and stickers for the coffee cups. In fact, virtually the entire packaging range. For us this is a sign that the client is happy.”

Good communication

Boris is right, because according to Hannie Molenaar, the owner of Donuts+Bagels, right from the start it clicked with Paardekooper: “First and foremost I’m extremely satisfied with the quality of the packaging. But the good communication is equally, or perhaps even more, important. I’ve always had very good service from Paardekooper and you’re given a lot of personal attention. Paardekooper’s people are always ready to advise you and they think along with you proactively. For us a good reason to go to Paardekooper for our entire packaging range.”

Donuts en Bagels 16-02-2015_0027A signal at the right moment

“That thinking along isn’t limited to giving good packaging advice,” Molenaar continued. “Paardekooper manages our stocks. I consider that a major plus-point. They keep tabs on how many pieces are in stock and monitor our average use. The various packaging items have long delivery times, but ordering new stock in good time means we never run out. Paardekooper gives us a signal at the right moment. As an entrepreneur you are always very busy, so it’s great to have a partner who takes care of this sort of thing for you.”


De verpakkingen passen qua look uitstekend bij de kleurrijke lekkernijen van Donuts+Bagels. “Mijn man heeft zelf het ontwerp gemaakt,” vervolgt Molenaar. “De rest van het traject heeft Paardekooper verzorgd. De donutdozen gebruiken we in onze to-go winkel en voor de webshop bestellingen. Particulieren en bedrijven kunnen diverse zoete lekkernijen of een complete lunch met bagels, broodjes en verse sappen afhalen of laten bezorgen. Wat Paardekooper met de verpakkingen doet, doen wij met onze producten. Klanten kunnen donuts bestellen in hun eigen huisstijl. Ik ben van mening dat het goed is om je als bedrijf te laten zien. Van uitbundig beschilderde auto’s tot een kleurrijke verpakkingslijn. We zorgen dat we worden gezien.”