Packaging solutions as an added value

Inspire, involve and together create packaging that has added-value for your company’s identity or brand. That is the starting point of WrappIDup. With a well-thought out packaging solution (wrapper) we raise your brand (ID) to a higher level (up).

WrappIDup is a source of inspiration and supports the process from idea to creation. Hence Inspire & Create. We translate every idea, whether global or concrete, into a new packaging product with which you can amaze your clients.

Step inside the world of WrappIdup, our ideas factory

How does it work?

If you want to stand out through your packaging WrappIDup is THE answer. Tell us your idea or ask us questions via the request form. All the experts and expertise within ideas factory will then go full speed ahead to arrive at a successful end product. This end product will then be presented to you. It promises to be an exciting unwrapping session. May we amaze you?

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Products & Services

Within WrappIDup we create the ultimate packaging solutions. We offer a number of different products and services that support the entire process from idea to creation. From an inspiration session to a fully worked-out model of the packaging in either 2D of 3D. How can we help you?

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Packaging expertise

Packaging is our core business. We know the technical possibilities of packaging like no other. Our knowledge of materials and printing techniques coupled with our global network of suppliers enables us to offer the right answer to every packaging question. Within WrappIDup packaging experts from various disciplines work closely together: Marketing, Purchasing and our own Studio join forces. If you wish we will work with your own DTP people or advertising agency. Shared expertise is our collective strength

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WrappIDup runs like an oiled machine. We work both at the request of clients and on our own initiative. Take a look at our portfolio for even more inspiration.

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Are you curious about what the creative possibilities of WrappIDup could do for your company? Leave us your details and one of our packaging experts will be in touch with you very shortly.

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